The photographs in following series have been resurrected decades after the fact(s). Names escape, nicknames seem not to, sometimes. If you recognize yourself or anyone else in any of the photos, please contact either the person who contributed the photos or
the webmaster, George Crotts. Enjoy ...

George Crotts
September - October 1950: CJHP and Japan
Robert E. "Bob" Wahlbeck
November 1950 - Spring 1951
John C. Hernstrom
September 1950 - Spring 1951
Richard "Dan" Stewart
October 1950
Pfc Edward C. Schneider, USMCR
November 1950
Sgt Robert V. Damon, USMC
November 1950
Joe Ehli
Spring 1951
Robert E. Martin & Tom Cassis
Spring 1951
Ed Garr
Spring/Summer 1951
John Pickett
Spring/Summer 1951
Fred Frankville
Summer 1951
Cyril "Barry" Barrett
Summer/Fall 1951
Henry Leeman
Fall 1951-Spring 1952
Art Weisberger
1951 - 1952
Ken Bigoness
Bob Knapp
Tom Rochford
Summer 1952-Spring 1953
Jack Sherwood
Summer 1952-Summer 1953
James Mealey
Fall 1952-Spring 1953
Dave Neasbitt
Fall 1952-Fall 1953

Two of the photos appearing on George Crotts' page were of two Missouri Marines; Irl Dement and Fred Bevfoden. As some of us know, things called search engines can be employed to find websites and pages containing this or that name or topic. Thus it was that the half-brother of Fred Bevfoden found this page and the photos of Fred. Wade Martin contacted George, many stories and "things" were subsequently exchanged and among the things shared by Wade was a Japanese Yen note bearing a great many signatures and the added information, "Osaka, Japan, Oct. 31, 1950" and "Camp Sakai". Among the signatures were Fred's and George's.
The Yen note and other items were obtained by Wade from other of Fred's family.
The night of 31 October 1950 was the last night in Japan for the First Replacement Draft.The next morning the Marines boarded a train bound for Kobe, Japan, and there they boarded the Aiken Victory for a two or three day voyage that would eventually disembark them at the port of Wonsan, North Korea.

Fred Bevfoden, Wade Martin and
The 100 Yen Note

Among the photographs provided by John Pickett was a small notebook, obviously of Chinese origin.
Herein are the contents and entries found in that book. We initially attempted to have the entries translated by a young Chinese fan of D Company, 7th Marines, but due to the fact that the Chinese language underwent "modernization" some 20 years ago, he was unable to do it. Attempts by elders in his family encountered other problems. This "modernization" effort led, among many other changes, Peking becoming Beijing. Meanwhile, thanks to a passing comment to my son's father-in-law, we've been "connected" with a Chinese-American who is familiar with the "old language" and he has graciously provided translations that we've linked to the appropriate pages.
Our sincere thanks to both Newton Wu and Wenyu Xu.

John Pickett
The "Book"

The years 2000 through 2003 will see many commemorations and trips to Korea to revisit sites of battles during that war. Below are some from a recent visit by members of Dog Seven Association and others. We hope to add more as they become available.

Ed Garr
South Korea Revisit 2001

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