D Company, 7th Marines, Korea - Summer 1951

I believe these photos were taken around June of 1951. While most of the faces have names I'm able to remember, there are a couple that I cannot. If you see yourself or someone you know that isn't otherwise identified, let me or George Crotts know as soon as possible, OK??
Fred Frankville
Thanks to Coleen Mackin for a fine job of photo editing on most of these photos.

As the pennant says, we're Wimpee's Warriors.
From the left; Evan Thomas, John Fielding and me, Fred Frankville

Soaking up some sun. I'm on the left, at the far right is Art Rud, I believe, at the back is Hank Blankenship and in the front is Bill Finnerty. The guy in the middle is Matt Gilmartin. Owner of the feet ... unknown.

2nd Lt. Lealon Wimpee, our leader

Around the campfire. From the left: Sgt Herman Lawrence (shaving), me in the center and Sgt Gonzalo Garza, our "Chef"

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