In Support of D Co., 7th Marines - Korea, 1950-1951

I served a hitch in the Marine Corps between the last months of WWII and the summer of 1949, when I reenlisted in the Reserves. Went to college and then, like all reservists, was called back to duty. Joined up with 7th Marines aboard ship and went ashore at Inchon as a Forward Observer with a 105 Artillary unit. Served as an FO in support of D Company many times and after a third wound in the spring of 1951, I was returned stateside for further duty at Camp Pendleton. I retired in 1975 as Sgt Major. These photos were taken between the Fall of 1950 and the Spring of 1951. If you can identify yourself or any unidentified Marine(s) in the photos, please contact me or George Crotts, the webmaster.

John C. Hernstrom, SgtMaj USMC-Ret

Inchon, September 1950

L to R ... Me and Unknown riding on a Castiron Taxi

Me with the glasses and a few unknowns; in support of Dog Company

Frey, LoBerou and Beasley ... L to R

H. Laubersa and Harry Beasley

L-R: J Curtis, Me, John Fry, J Lewis, unknown and Beasley

Me in the middle of two unknowns

A Marine's work is never done ... Laundry

Winter 1950
Somewhere in North Korea

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