D Company, 7th Marines in Korea, 1950

It is now over 60 years since these photos were taken and the subjects, great buddies, who were wounded in action or lost their lives during those early days of the war. I found them recently and have let it be known that I will gladly pass them on to any family member. I had one other, of 1st Lt Thomas Thomson, USMCR, who was killed in action, 27November50, however I sent it to his son, Tom, who appreciated having it. We will not forget them. If you are related to any of them, please get word to George Crotts, the webmaster of this site, and he will let me know. I will send the originals on to you as soon as I am able.

Robert "Bob" Wahlbeck

Tracy W. Monroe, Jr.
Killed in Action, 28 November 1950

Ray P. Fairchild
Killed in Action, 27 November 1950

Marion T. Chaffee
Wounded in Action, 3 November 1950 and 28 November 1950

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