D Company, 7th Marines: Korea - Late Spring - Fall 1952

Jesse Gonzales and Me, Bob Knapp, on Hill 229 in May of 1952

Me on the MLR in June 1952

L-R, John Hall, Robert Dornan, Billy Chambers, James Coleman in June or July of 1952

L-R, Me (Knapp), Bob Dornan, Tom Baxter, John Hall standing and Jesse Gonzales moving somewhere in June or July of 1952

L-R, Earl Roderick, Ken Bigoness Bob Snide and Sam Sawyer in reserve August 1952

L-R, bob Dornan, Don Olsen, Tom Baxter, John Hall, Dick Pettit, Me, Jesse Gonzales and Bob Snide in reserve August 1952

Bill Spears in reserve August 1952

Can't remember this Marine's name but he was from Ohio and in our platoon (1st). I believe he was in the 2nd Squad. Same river party.

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