Pohang-Dong, South Korea - January 1951

3rd Section-Machine Guns - Photo from the Tom V. Cassis Collection

From Left to Right 1st Row (Bottom): 1. Robert F. Martin, 2. Thomas V. Cassis, 3.--unknown-- , 4. Herbert (Arkie) Holiday.
From Left to Right 2nd Row (Standing): 1. Vic Geib, 2. Robert L. Knight, 3. James M. Titchenal, 4. Max Dix, 5. Warren Gerwick, 6. Culp, 7. Thompson, 8. James E. Glasgow Jr.,
I was on mess duty and missed this group photo op.

Ed Garr

Corpsman "Duke" Dorsey, Korea, March 1951

HN Matthew P. Dorsey USN, one of the first Black Corpsman to serve with the Marines. He was a Platoon Corpsman with Dog Seven, stayed in the Navy and retired as a CPO in 1968.

Picture given to me by Ron Speechly, Ed Garr


Dog Seven Marines

Left to right: Lt. Lealon Wimpee, Lt. Morris Cooke, Morris Virilli, Stuart Culp, Edward Mattingly, Charles Garcia, last Marine is unknown.

Ed Garr

Yokuska Naval Hospital, Japan, 18 July 1951

Pfc Edward Garr, wounded on 10 June, 1951 northeast of Hawachon Reservoir Korea being awarded his Purple Heart by Admiral Pugh before his return to the Company to Fight another War.

Ed Garr

Pfc Ward Schupbach, USMCR

My Foxhole partner, Ward Schupbach who was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for his actions on 12 September, 1951

Ed Garr

Luke the Gook's Castle

Oct 1951, Hill 881, East-Central Front Korea

This photograph was taken a month after the airsrike, we rotated platoons, and I was on another portion of the trench line. The trench line started (left) midway on the Hill and extended upwards to the rightside of the crest. "Luke the Gook's Castle" was the top of the Hill crest (right).

Ed Garr

Dog Seven, Korea - December 1951

Machine Gun Platoon

Lt. Brady, Platoon Commander

Ed Garr

Sixth Squad- Machine Guns, December 1951

From Left to Right: 1. Bob Jango, 2. "Sleepy Eye" Roland Pyne, 3. Ed Garr, 4. Glenn Birkitt 5. Bob Hauck, 6. Julian Gibbs, 7. R.B. Johnson

Ed Garr

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