Jonathan, you will be .....
"Forever On the Wall, Panel 29E Line 096"

1st Reconnaissance Battalion
1st Marine Division, FMF
San Francisco, California

1 December 1967

Dear Mrs. Baranowski:

The untimely death of your son, Lance Corporal Jonathan Peter KMETYK, U.S. Marine Corps, on 14 November 1967, in the Republic of VietNam is a source of great sorrow to me and to all the officers and men of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. Please accept our deepest sympathy in your bereavement.

Your son, Jonathan, was participating in a long-range reconnaissance patrol 25 miles southeast of Da Nang, Republic of VietNam. The patrol was operating in very rugged terrain characterized by a thick growth of 30 foot high trees and six to seven foot underbrush. The patrol was 10 miles from the nearest friendly force, and the only way to get into, or out from the area is by helicopter. At approximately 10:30 a.m on November 14, 1967, the patrol was taken under fire by a Viet Cong force. Jonathan was shot by enemy small arms fire and death was instantaneous. Attempts were made to get a helicopter to evacuate your son's body, however, monsoon season weather was such that the helicopter cound not make the evacuation. The patrol members carried Jonathan, for over a mile through the jungle to a preplanned helicopter landing zone. At approximately 11:30 a.m. on November 15, 1967 while the patrol was still proceeding to the landing zone, the rear of the partol was hit by automatic weapons fire, and the Marines carrying your son had to place him down and seek cover. Repeated attempts were made to get your son's body back, but each time the effort was repulsed. One member of the patrol was wounded in the last attempt. An additional search was made from 20 November to 24 November 1967 with negative results. However, when the tactical situation permits, a further search will be conducted for Jonathan's remains.........

"a further search for Jonathan's remains........." this cannot and will not be the end of a fallen warrior. Families, Loved One's, Veteran's and Friends of the unaccounted have waited, endured, and suffered too long. 1999 must be the year when All MIA's and POW's will finally be accounted and finally Welcomed Home!

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