It all began on June 25th, 1950 was the year.
We were called to battle to keep Communism clear.

The War took place in Korea. As Marines we went with pride.
This country was ours to defend, and in honor so many died.

We risked our lives for freedom, and Old Glory our hearts could see.
We fought for truth and justice, a United States Marine.

Many went so young in life, but with very prideful hearts.
It was an honor to serve our flag and this war was a place to start.

The circumstances were hard to face, and the climate made things worse.
Yet through the rain and snow we fought for our country's worth.

We lost many friends along the way and with grateful hearts we said good-bye.
But their spirits still fought with us in the Marine Corps in the sky.

We were just proud to be Americans, defending the red, blue and the white.
Our flag flew ever freely, as defended what was right.

Although this war is forgotten by many, but for us, instilled in memory.
We fought as hard as any other, yet our soldiers names are never seen.

Korea is there. It is a war that we will always fight.
Our minds connot let go of the pain, or the truth behind our scars.

For we know,
we defended our country well,
In this now -
"forgotten War".

To Grandpa
Love you Always,
Tomee, May 15th, 1998.

Written by Tomee Denise Puzzi
Age 17, of Eagar Arizona, granddaughter of Dennis Burk D/2/7

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