The Navy called them Corpsmen,
Though they'd seldom seen a ship;
Their major tools of battle,
They carried on their hips.

Trained to go with field Marines,
In every clime and place;
They risked their lives most every day,
With compassion, skill and grace.

Where they found these people,
I'll never understand;
A breed apart from other men,
Serving in this foreign land.

To hear the cry of "Corpsman",
Would chill you to the bone;
As these brave men came running up,
Unarmed and all alone.

They saved the many wounded,
And stood along their side;
Without these valorous Corpsmen,
A lot more would have died

We dearly loved our Corpsmen,
And defend them to this day;
As much Marine as Navy,
They served a special way.

When they get to heaven,
And streets filled with Marines;
We'll call out for our Corpsmen,
And show them all our scenes.


By Chuck Hall
Dedicated To The Heroic U.S. Navy Corpsmen
Who Served With The 1st Marine Division F.M.F.
In The Field, Korea 1950-1953

Taken from the Chosin Few "Net", December 1998
Submitted by George Crotts D/2/7 1950

Dog Company "Docs"

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