PFC William Robert Russell, USMC 652225
USS Missouri (BB63) 1948-1949

Marines On Parade

Resplendent in the honor of the Marine Corps' most noble past,
Single men uniting,
With their dress blues lighting,
Glorifying the values and traditions of their land.

Veriegated patterns - shadow, sun - uniqueness in such hue,
Their singleness merging,
To greater strength surging,
Mustered multiplicity blending in stirring hymn.

Within the cadence and resplendence
Runs a vein of valiant life,
Ever onward striving,
Gallant deeds reviving,
Inspiring pride and courage.

Semper Fidelis,
To remember and be true.

By Janet Russell Faith
Written in memory of her brother,
PFC William Robert Russell, USMC, D/2/7
Killed in Action, November 28, 1950
Hill 1240, Yudamni, North Korea

Submitted by Thomas V. Cassis, D/2/7 1950-51

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