Two pieces of poetry have come our way in the last few weeks and, given the givens, it seems that with each passing day, more of us are in need of some thoughts like expressed in the following.

The Lord Saw You Getting Tired ...

was passed along to us by Howard Mason, a Chosin Few member and West Coast contact for that organization. Howard reports it came to him Author Unknown so we share it with our visitors as Author Unknown.
We've since learned that it was written by Frances Coehlo, for her husband in 1986.

A Widow's Poem

was also passed along by Howard although this originated with the widow of Chosin brother Jim Walton, who served as an MP with both the 5th Brigade and the 1st Marine Division. Mrs. Walton, Gaye, gave her permission to any and all to pass on our use her poem. We do so here in Jim's memory.

29 November 2003
Updated 16 April 2012

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