The Final Parade

Selfish in my love and needing
I resisted this final goodbye
but time marches on so relentless
and the last formation drew nigh.

I knew that the trumpet had sounded,
knew you would answer that call,
realized it was right, good and proper
and find I can smile after all.

Your step was not quite as steady
but you held your head up so proud
as you strode out to join your comrades
in that parade for the heavenly crowd.

Once again that small band of brothers
stands assembled upon Fiddler's Green
I blink when once more the young faces,
square shoulders and brave hearts are seen.

My eyes haze with tears as this sight fades
but I know it is truth I have seen
And my heart spills pride, joy and sorrow
for my hero, my love, my Marine.

In Loving Memory of my Husband, James Walton
An MP with The Brigade & 1st Marine Division - 1950/1951
By Gaye M. Walton
12 November 2003

Submitted by George Crotts, D/2/7 1950

Kathleen Mavourneen

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