"Seoul, Korea"
The "Troops" at the airport in Korea, on our last leg of the journey back to VietNam

"China Beach"
Charley Co. on the white sands of China Beach, [left to right] Wes Goodell, John Nelson, Mack Ferrick, Ken Darabcsek, Chuck Lyle, Ben Goodwyn, Mike Youngquist [D Company], Pee Wee Jones, Harv Kappeler, Heber Wilmot, Doc Ingram, Jim Fulkerson. Not in the photo Dick Hemenway and Steve Rockwell [ a friend of Jim Fulkerson's]

"Walking into the Indiana AO"
Mack "Happy Buddah", and Steve with entourage walking into the Indiana Area of Operations.

"CP Hill"
View from the top of CP Hill in the Indiana AO not far from Pee Wee's gun position.

Cover graphic

The road back......

I thought this would be an appropriate graphic of "Doc" striding to the battleground of Operation Indiana, were, he, and so many other brave men came of age....and, so many never were able to return.

Victor Vilionis

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