The Hill Charley Co. 1st platoon assaulted and then captured two 12.7mm anti-aircraft guns which the enemy was using against the 3rd platoon. The fighting holes still are visible on the Hill.

"Van Thuong"
A listening post location approximately 100 meters in for of our perimeter on the peninsula

"Swimming Hole"
The swimming hole with old rotting sandbags still visible after many years.

"Memorial Plaque"
One of two Memorial plaques which we left in VietNam Honoring out Fallen Brothers. One on the peninsula and the other at the site of Operation Indiana.

The road back......

I am working on putting together a CD with pictures of the trip, anyone who would like to contribute their pictures please contact Wes or send them to him so that they can be scanned.

The CD will be in similar format as these pages you have just viewed

Victor Vilionis