"Honor and Sacrifice"

The USS Oscar Austin DDG-79

Commissioning Night

The Commissioning ceremony commenced at 20:00H, and it was a night to remember and not to be forgotten.

Under the Lights

Crew members on the Rail

The ceremony proceed under spot lights that bathed the ship and crew in their glow.

A Proud Day

In the Spot Light

Ship and crew were outstanding under the lights, and the cermony was brisk and informative.

Oscar Austin's crew manning the Rail.

Summer Dress Uniforms

The crews Summer white Dress uniforms stood out under the spot lights that lit up the ship.

Ships Namesake

Pfc Oscar Palmer Austin

Oscar Austin aboard a troop ship on his way to his destiny. Austins Spirit was piped aboard during the ceremony and will reside aboard the DDG-79.

I would like to thank Ships Captain, Officers and all the members of the USS Oscar Austin to have been given the oppurtunity to tour this magnificent 'Fighting Ship" and to attend an outstanding Commissioning Ceremony. This ship will carry on the proud traditon of the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy in the years ahead.

Victor Vilionis, 19 August 2000.

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