"Honor and Sacrifice"

The USS Oscar Austin DDG-79

Commissioning Day

Tom Miller who served with H&S Co. 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines in 1965 in from of the Austin.

Invited Guests

Filling up the seats

Guests to the Commissioning ceremony filling up the available seating. The turnout was excellent and ceremony outstanding.

DDG 79 Austin

Seating for Invited Guests

Guests seated near the forward part of the ship in close proximity to the podium.

Under the Canopy

The Commissioning Ceremony Podium

The podium was covered by a canopy on the Austin's deck in case of inclement weather but was not required as it was a perfect summer evening.

A Proud Day

In the Shadow

Seating was filled to capacity with standing room only in the shadow of the CVN-65 USS Enterprise.

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