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Ed Helm-VietNam Veteran

In the States I was a part of the 5th Marines, when I arrived "in country" I was attached to the 1st Bn., 26th Marines on the "Hill". .....only lasted in the 'Nam from November '66 until February '67....."short timer".....

I got my first Purple Heart in Dec '66.....I was on point.....jumped in an area and got a "punjii" stick in the neck.....Feb was on a "country fair"...got a piece of metal shrapnel in the nose.....just missed my eye.

End of Feb was a member of a squad that went on a "search and destroy"...we tied up two gooks....one guy went into a tunnel in the hut.....said "Helm! They're going out back!!".....I went out and they opened up on me, hitting me in the chest....and both arms...I looked down and saw this blood pumping out of a hole in my chest.....called out for a Corpsman and ran over to him.....then all hell broke loose.....didn't know what side to lay on since I got hit in the middle of my chest...thought I lost my right hand but didn't..... wrong, lost 1/2 a lung and the hand was messed up but I can use it pretty well......I was lucky....doesn't seem like it was 30 years ago....

Ed Helm, November, 1997.

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