I would like to dedicate this page to my good friend Ron McAdams, with whom I served in 81'smm 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division for two years, from early 1964 to early 1966. We both received orders for VietNam, he was assigned to 81'smm "Delta" Co., 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, and I ended up being assigned to the Regimental S-2.

It is ironic that we both served in the 7th Marines, and even lived on the same Hill, Nui Dat Son, better known as Hill 55 for over four months while "in country" and never saw each other since our days spent together with the 2nd Marines.

After thirty-one long years I recently found Ron, he is happily married with a family and lives in New York, I would like to dedicate this page to him and of our times spent together.

1 November, 1997., Victor Vilionis

3rd Bn 2nd Marines 1964 Carib Cruise


Sorry, someone never paid the light bill!!, Yes, Ron, that's you in the white T-Shirt, port side, bottom bunk behind the table!!..Heard you were going on a cruise with Susan! Hope the accomadations are better!!!

"Young Marine"


Yep! that's me! Another day's work for the ammo-humper!

Squad - 81's mm


Yes...that's "handsome" Ron in the white T-Shirt, do you remember the rest, Davis. Adesso, Tanis, and Wheat ??

Lunch, Anyone??


Ron, look how neatly you laid out the mortar rounds, were you going to shine them for inspection??

VietNam Memories ~ H&S Co. 81's 1st Bn 7th Marines

Delta Co 81's 1st Bn 7th Marines ~ Chu Lai
Delta Co 81's 1st Bn 7th Marines ~ Chu Lai
Delta Co 81's 1st Bn 7th Marines ~ Chu Lai

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