Our Heroes

Staff Sergeant Toni Mullet, AUSR

Toni, a four year veteran of the Army, is just back from Iraq after a one year tour there with the Army Reserves. She has resumed duties with the Knoxville, TN, police department. Toni is the niece of Ric and Nancy Barron.

Sgt David M. Crotts, USMC-Ret

David is the grandson of Dog Seven Marine, George Crotts. After serving a tour in IRAQ, David returned to serve with a combat transport unit in the Ist Tank Bn, Twenty-nine Palms, California. He was medically discharged for injuries received during maneuvers in South Korea.

PFC Jeffery Bito, USMC

PFC Jeffrey Bito, USMC, grandson of the late Dog Seven Marine, Cpl John E. Bito, USMC-Ret. Jeffrey is enroute to Okinawa, where he will serve with the 3rd Support Battalion, CLR 35 3rd MLG. Jeffery is a third generation Marine..

Sgt James Keeling, USMC

James is the son of Cheryl Marte and the grandson of Dog Seven Marine, Gilbert "Ole" Olsen. Jim is currently stationed at Quantico, VA, and serves as a range coach. Sgt Keeling has served three tours in Iraq and is a Graduate Marine Sniper.

Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman (HMCS) Fred E. Kasper, USN

Fred was elected an Honorary Member of Dog Seven Assn for his work on the effort to name a medical facility at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (Bridgeport, CA) for D Company Corpsman, HN Richard DeWert, USN-MOH.
Fred has served several tours with Marine Corps units and will shortly begin a second tour in Iraq, this with a Multi-National Task Force in liason with Iraqi military personnel. He will be managing a medical facility there.
Contact Fred now at: frednvydc68@aol.com; or, when in Iraq: fredkasper@yahoo.com: or, fred.kasper@us.army.mil

Some of our heroes have asked that they be removed from this page for security reasons. They are currently serving in Afghanistan or are soon to be deployed. They will be returned to this page as soon as the security risk has ended.

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