The battle at the Chosin Reservoir
will be remembered near and far
of pain, of death, of glory too
of brave Marines, THE CHOSIN FEW ...

quick flashes of the battle
the cold wet ground, the snow, the mud
enemy hills on a blanket of white
and dark red splotches of human blood.

and you know that death is everywhere
you saw your buddies die
it's freezing, yet you're sweating
and you're alive! You know not why.

so many men fell there
forever they will sleep
the living will remember
in tribute bravery weep.

reliving memories of the past
showing up their ugly head
and bringing death to the living
and giving life to the now dead.

and now, a reunion of men
recalling their past
remembering old buddies
that fought to the last.

the last Gung Ho! to one and all
no distinction of race or creed
you stand above the normal men
you are a different breed.

Author: Jesus L. Rubio
"Tio" of Cpl. Joseph Correa, USMCR-Ret.
D/2/7  1950

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