Dog Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment
First Marine Division
KOREA 1950-1955



The following is our attempt to put together a brief history of Dog Company during its operational period in Korea. Due to the limits of space, many important and historical events have been left out and in no way have been purposely omitted. Many heroic actions by Dog Company Marines and Navy Corpsmen were performed, too numerous to list, and it would be virtually impossible to list and credit each and every one.

Thomas V. Cassis



Thomas V. Cassis (August 1950 - April 1951)
Charles W. Curley (Mid to Late 1951)
Reinhold "Ron" Klein (Late 1951 - March 1955)
Brendan O'Donnell (D Company records acquisition)
George Crotts (Webpage Development and Design)



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