Aerial View of 1st Battalion, 7th Marines CP, November 1967
Photograph donated by Terry Dixon India Co, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines

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Map of Hill 10 Location

Hill 10 was Home to the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, where I spent almost two years of my tour. Hill 10 was strategically located ten miles southwest of DaNang, where it faced and looked into and over "Happy Valley".

Far from being "Happy", the valley instead was used as a staging area from which the V.C. and N.V.A. launched their 122mm and 152mm rocket attacks against Marine installations, especially the DaNang Air Base. It was our responsibility on Hill 10 to stop these attacks with return firepower, mainly from the six 105mm artillery howitzers that were positioned on our hill.

During my tour I participated in the following 0perations; Worth, Tampa, Yazoo,Baxter,Pursuit, Mameluke Thrust, Meade and Linn Rivers, and Oklahoma Hills. Until I was wounded on 4 June, 1968, I was a "grunt" with "Bravo Company" ,and upon my recovery I was reassigned to H&S Company, assigned to Motor Transport where I spent the duration of my tour.

Since my return to the United States I have become 100% disabled due to Combat wounds and P.T.S.D., and even though Vietnam has had a lasting impact on my life, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. For, I have managed to make the best of a terrible situation by helping other vet's with their problems and V.A. claims. I too am in the process of having a book published which I have written, titled "Vietnam Odyssey-The Triumphs and Tragedies of a Vietnam Vet".

In closing I wish to dedicate this site to Victor Vilionis, a fellow 7th Marine whose help, patience and time made this all possible, as well as all the unsung heroes, that are still suffering from the war, and its after effects. For not all the wounds are visible. I also, wish to include; Thomas Callahan, Lonnie Gay, Jim Turtley, and my cousin John Higgins, whose sacrifices will not be forgotten. I am proud to have served as a 7th Marine,for they are and were some of the best in the World.

Tom Hanneman, Corporal, USMC retired

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