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"My name is Ron "Doc" Ferrell, I was a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman in VietNam,
from May 1966 until July of 1967. I saw duty with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines
and H&S III MAF (Chu Lai) Quang Ngai (Province) T.A.O.R. during my stay in
country. If you don't like Marines, get out of my A.O.!"

R. Ferrell, R.T.(R)A.R.R.T.
Radiologic Technologist, Registered,
(American Registry of Radiologic Technologists)

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I am looking for any Uh-34d pilots, or crews, H&S (Chu-Lai) III M.A.F. Marines, or 7th Marines who worked off or with the LSA in the Quang Ngai /Mo Duc sector of Quang Ngai Province beginning with the Operations, largely conducted by elements of the 7th Marines and others from late August 1966 through June 1967.

These would include such Operations as Golden Fleece, Sierra, De Soto, Rio Blanco and others. I am particularly interested in Operations Golden Fleece and Rio Blanco. This search is to find anyone who knows the name of and/or location, deceased or living, of the III M.A.F.-(Chu-Lai) Marine Corps Captain in charge of the LSA. He was out of Chu-Lai's (HQ) and usually led the convoy's down to the Mo Duc sector where Marines used an old Japanese 'hard-dirt' fighter airstrip (c. WW-II) for his base of operations to support the combat units in the Quang Ngai area.

He had a communications truck on each Operation. Many of the Uh-34d's would spend the day or night on the LSA in close proximity to the Operations taking place around us so that they could be on hand for supply drops and emergency medevacs. These pilots and crews must have communicated with the Captain in charge of the LSA.

His general operational set up would generally consist of himself, his communications truck, and usually 7 to 12 Marines for from III M.A.F. H&S (Chu-Lai) to guard the perimeter of the airstrip. I was usually there with a truck load of medical supplies and frequently flew medevacs from the LSA to the designated red LZ's; pick up the casualties and fly them to MAG-pad at Chu-Lai, where a triage team would be waiting on the tarmac to take them off the chopper, then we would refuel and quickly return to the LSA. If anyone knows the name of this H&S (Chu-Lai) III M.A.F. Marine Corps Captain please contact me at: ferrell@alohabroadband.com

In addition to the medevac flights I would like to find or make contact with any Marines who I medevac'd. If your out there and know the story behind your medevac please contact me.

I am also looking for the U.S. Army helicopter pilot who flew into the LSA from 2-CTZ the day after an Army O-1 Birddog observation plane crashed on the LSA and cart wheeled through the ammunition boxes. The Army pilot of the observation plane was killed by VC ground fire; his observer survived the crash. The U.S. Army II - 'Corps' Chopper pilot who picked up the Birddog and hauled it off must have communicated with the Marine Captain in charge of the LSA.

Additionally does any Uh-34d pilot flying off that LSA remember flying a medevac on Operation Rio Blanco in late November of 1966 where a civilian photo journalist went along with us to film the medevac. This was during the VC breakout (November 25, 1966) 17 Klicks due West of Quang Ngai City where elements of the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines were defending a position just South of the river (Son Tra Khoc). The VC attempted a breakout but where trapped in flooded rice paddies from recent heavy Monsoon rains. The A.R.V.N.'s allowed the VC to get through the trap. The force was decimated by and large during that engagement by elements of the 7th Marines.

Southwest of the Marine position was a unit of R.O.K.'s conducting their own Operation called 'Dragon Eye' just inside 2-CTZ and were supposed to be a back up force. Marine Uh-34d drivers please check your flight logs. Army pilots please check for O-1 Birddog losses and K.I.A.'s for this place and time. Any Marines on the LSA between approximate dates of 9/66 - 12/66 who recall a white Cessna 'Air America' with a C.I.A. field operative and his 'Kit Carson' interpreter please contact me by E-mail. Semper Fidelis!

"Does anyone recognize the Marine behind me wearing glasses ? If you know who this Marine is please email me with his name, and contact information if any? My email address is at the bottom of this web page."

Semper Fi, Doc Ferrell

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