Charley Company, 1st Battalion 7th Marines departed San Diego for Okinawa 24 May 1965. Arrived 18 June 1965 for training and departed for the Republic of VietNam on 7 August 1965.

Arrived 14 August 1965 from Okinawa to the sands of Chu Lai, and the Van Thuong Peninsula of VietNam.

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Images provided by Charley Marines Heber Willmott (deceased) and Carl Tedrow. Thank you Marines, I'm sure everyone will appreciate the memories.

Victor Vilionis


The APA 222 PICKAWAY, and APA 223 PITT were the troop carriers transporting us to Okinawa.


On the way from San Diego to Okinawa, a view of the LSD 26 TORTUGA part of the convoy taking us to the Far East.


[From left to right] Heber J. Willmott, _______, Henry R Brink, ________ .


Quenching our thirst with "Fallstaff", [Left to right] Mack Ferrick, Bob Clifford (81's), and James Waters.

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