Charley Company Individual Awards

Ingram, Robert R.

Fowler, Earl W.
La Pointe, Alvin S.
Sirosa, Michael Angelo *

Goodwyn, Benjamin R.,
Hord,Raymond A.
Jenkins, Carl E.,
Jones, Charles D.,
Kines, Charles G.,
LeBaugh, Christopher ,
Linkous, Noah R.,
Lowery, William ,
MacCormack, Dana F.,
McNalley, Ronald,
Naugle, Russel W.,*
Pinkerton, Robert N.,*
Reeves, James A.,
Sullivan, Joseph H.,*
Tolbert, Roosevelt Jr.,
Underhill, Herbert,*
Voyles, Jerry D.,
Wallace, Marvin C.,
Walls, Robert L.*
Wigg, Jerry R.* *


* Denotes Posthumous Award.

* Artillery Forward Observer attached to Charley Company.

* * Dog Handler from the 3d MP Bn, attached to Charley Company.

All historical data compiled from records accessed from Headquarters Marine Corps - Awards Branch, Quantico, VA. Victor Vilionis Researcher/Historian.