Custom Designs for Marines

Copyright © 1998,
victor vilionis
All rights reserved any Duplication must be approved
with the expressed permission in writing by the Artist/Author.
*Graphics are imbedded with a registered watermark

The Graphics displayed on the following pages were specifically designed by request for specific Marine Corps units by the individuals acknowledged, and are not to be downloaded, altered, by any means.

The images have been reduced from their high resolution 800X800 pixels size but are still quite large by web standards so be prepared for a longer loading time for viewing. For a better 3D view a dark background has been used for effect.

They are my way of expressing gratitude of being a Marine and thanking those who are serving in my beloved Corps today.

The 3rd Battalion, "The Cutting Edge" 7th Marines


1st & 2nd Division Logo's


"esprit de corps"

Gallery Entrance