Welcome to my art Gallery
I hope those who have entered aren't disappointed, this is my therapy room, something that I have found to enjoy, and would like to share with you, my art. The beauty of nature soothes the soul, you never forget, but are thankful to still be here to experience life and the wonders around us.

Carleton Co., New Brunswick

Autumn Leaves

The colors of autumn are best expressed in the foliage of the trees.

Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

Out of The Mist

"Out of The Mist" an eagle takes flight near Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island

Laurentians, Quebec

Golden Flowers

Sunflowers in the warmth of the sun.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Eagle's Perch

"Awaiting her Prey" an eagle poised for flight to capture her Prey.

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