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dennis mac caskie14:48:56 - November 9 2011
RE: where is everybody (Bobby Crawford)
Bobby, how the hell are ya? I tried finding people about 1998 when the internet got big, but (i hate to say it) Crawford is not exactly an uncommon name... hughes stayed in 20, retired a master sgt & got a agent orange disability; Katte is in Flagstaff, says he's so messed up he won't talk (still married to Cynthia, tho); Polous i think retired as a cop in Chicago, at least he has an unlisted number and everything there, haven't talked to the guy whoever he is; Prestige is in Tyler TX i think. i'm in connecticut, still on the right side of the grass and haven't gone broke yet but the week's still young. lemmie know how it's going...

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