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Pat Bonanno 2489308 1/723:03:03 - June 28 2009
we were searching for underground hospitals off death hill.. do you remember me?
I was on a hill in nam with a good bunch of guys. Our mission there was to patrol down off the hill in search of undergrond hospitals.

The hill had one way off / that was it.
One path
All of the other 3 sides of this hill were shear cliff almost straight down.

Everytime we went on patrol down the path leading off this death hill we got hit bad by a machine gun that was knocking off a couple guys each day.

If you remember this death hill and remember me by chance please get in touch with me.

I was medivaced out after getting an infection from chrapnel in my knee.

I need to find somebody who remembers me and this hill.

Martin? are you out there?
Martin was the name of a guy that was with me on this hill.

One day on partol we got hit and the gooks shot Martin's safety off his m-16 while trying to kill him and the rest of us.

The 2nd guy back got destroyed starting at his head / then down his body.. 3rd guy back from the point got hit bad.

I called corpman up..
corpmany came up as they always did for us and the second he started to work on the wounded guy they blew his ass away from the backside.

If anybody remembers any of this.. again.. please get in touch with me.

I'm not a holy roller but God bless anyone who made it off that hill alive..

Once they medivaced me out that was it..
Never went back to that hill after gettn fixed up in Da nang.

Thanks a million for putting this website together.

I reside in Warwick, Rhode Island now.
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