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Eduardo21:27:46 - February 21 2012
RE: RE: remembering (william passero) (vmbrmvmtc)
I steatrd praying about this just this week. My husband does so much around our place. If something needs maintenance around our house or some kind of work needs to be done, he is almost always able to do it himself, and he always does it well, I could even say he is a bit of a perfectionist. I have noticed though, that lately he seems to be ?not quite himself? yet he shrugs it off if when I question him about it. So I have been praying that God will guide me to make sure that I am being the wife he desires me to be.My new habit has been to make sure I let my husband know how much I truly appreciate everything he does for me and for all of the work that he does and for being a man who loves God. Not just to say how much I love and appreciate him, but to show him by doing nice unexpected things for him. It?s been fun so far! We have been married almost thirty years and I want to make sure he knows he still ?lights up my life?.
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