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Deepak21:54:56 - September 26 2012
RE: RE: passing (Eckenreiter, Win) (Debra)
4feI am raising 4 kids with one on the way right now, I stlgnory encourage my kids to join the military. My 14 year old son is currently in JROTC program and in the 9th grade. Talking to a recruiter is not in his best interest yet as the above person mentioned but it really did come out kinda heartless. They are very busy and all but mostly your son will change between now and then so the best support you can give is to do the research yourself or with him online and make sure to guide him to the right choices until he is in his junior or senior year. Make sure he understands the importance of avoiding drugs and alcohol and any kind of police record as well as tattos and such. The Marines are the elite of the military and they are held to the most extreme honor code. It is part of what makes them the best of the best and the most respectable branch by far. It truely is an honor to be a part of this group. Make sure he understands early what the honor code is and how to apply it to every aspect of his life starting now and it will make it much easier for him to get in in the future as he will have a leg up already. God bless our Marines, those who have paid the ultimate price for us all and those still fighting for us.
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