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Sandra06:33:55 - June 13 2012
RE: RE: RE: mGDeAHjwuiNgeY (Mehmet) (Graca) (Gurpreet)
More than two years ago, I radically oeavhruled how I ate, with sustainability as the key concept the idea being that any change I made had to be sustainable over the long haul (what Girardi refers to as the forever mindset). If I was going to change what I ate for breakfast (for example), it had to be to something that tasted good and kept me full until lunchtime something that I could envision being happy eating every morning for the foreseeable future. I had to find a way to eat more sensibly, without going through life feeling like I was depriving myself in some way. That has so far proved to be a sensible and workable solution one that (along with an acitve workout schedule) has helped me cut my weight by 40 pounds from what I was at the end of 2008 and, more importantly keep the weight off.
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