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Tekinfordia11:28:54 - July 22 2012
RE: RE: lost a Fox (Jeff Blewitt) (Salah)
, Evan sheltered Phoebe under his arm as she coelsd her eyes she looked out from under Evan's arm there were two shimmering shields. Then Dorian says, Now you have seen not only what I can do, but also what our Masters of Earth and Water can do. Then it goes on to say, the tornado toward them in order to evoke Ethan and Phoebe to use their powers that was the first time he had used his gift She was happy for him . So, I'm wondering, was it supposed to be Ethan's arm and his shimmering shield instead of Evan's? Later Ethan used his shield to shield all of them while they were flying. If it was supposed to be Ethan rather than Evan, shouldn't he have acknowledged that gift/talent instead of always saying he didn't have one yet?Toward the end of the book, I really wanted to feel the emotions, know what they were all thinking, and get a detailed play-by-play of how Phoebe got healed and how they got back. Will you be giving this in book 2? What did Phoebe tell Ethan when she told him what to do to get out? Did he see himself healing her because of Irena's power of seeing the future? How did he know how to use it when everyone else had to train weeks to learn to master theirs? Same with Shifting.I also really didn't think the prophesy was cryptic. It's pretty straight-forward. It's just a matter of how it plays out, which I do look forward to reading and finding out. Lastly, and this is by no means anything against you, but I was wondering if books ever get proof-read before being printed. It annoys me beyond crazy when there are typo's or the wrong there/their/they're , etc. used. Especially if it's done multiple times throughout a book.Thanks for any response you can give me! I appreciate your imagination and your ability to share it with us!A new fan,DawnP.S. The entire time I was reading it, I was thinking when's the movie coming out?
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