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rob kinney03:21:37 - April 23 2006
looking to help a brother find his
great site my jarhead friends. i am a member of the other white meat the us army but servied in vietnam from 1/69 to 1/70.
i am trying to help a friend who was witht he 2nd btn 7th marines in vietnam but is having problems remembering the actual unit. he was with a petroleum transport group that used vietnamese drivers and was there i believe in the year of 68. he is in a group that helps vietnam veterans to cope with some of the problems we have to endeour after our tours in nam and i am helping him to find out more about his unit.
if anyone might have any info at all i would be greatful for your help.
as i said before it is a unit that drove petroleum trucks thru out vietnam to resupply different units
thank you for your time and i want to welcome all my brothers who served in vietnam back home
god bless
rob kinney
yukon oklahoma
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