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Rocio09:36:03 - October 26 2012
RE: looking fro buddies (Michael J. Wesolowski)
2b3Hello,I have been trying to join the Marines for two years. To make a long story short: I proessced at MEPS in March, and was disqualified for two misdemeanors: One a theft (a package of beer from my college town liquor store), and two a public intoxication charge. I incured both on the same night in 2008. I am a high school graduate with 15 college credits and I scored a 96 on my ASVAB. I have seen a couple of guys ask questions about similar situations, but I didnt notice any response to this kind of issue yet. I'm waiting pretty anxiously to hear back from this waiver, to be honest. Do you know what my chances are?
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