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Alessandra08:23:00 - October 26 2012
RE: RE: RE: looking for henry king (stephen anderson) (Latrice) (Ruben)
Hi! I came to this website in doing reaesrch on an ancestor who survived the Titanic's sinking, Ellen Mockler. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely pleased to see Shelley Dziedic's 2004 article on her! I'd first like to extend my thanks and compliments to Shelley for an extremely well-written, informative and entertaining piece, and next to request her help. In the article, you mentioned by name the two sisters that paid her fare to America that she then went to live and work with. I have not had any luck running them down on my own, anyone who might have had first-hand knowlege in my family is sadly no longer with us, and I was wondering if Shelley had come across any information in her reaesrch that may not have pertained to the article but might be useful from my perspective. I know that it's a long shot, as you wrote the article so long ago, but right now it's my best lead. Thank you for this wonderful site and for all of your hard work keeping the memory of Titanic alive.
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