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Aok22:57:18 - June 13 2012
RE: knee (peter scavetta)
I am a paramedic from SA and qiaeifuld in 1994 (yes i am that old)Even since I qiaeifuld there have been huge changes to equipment and techniques that we use today.We can get to the patients much faster with more modern vehicles, gps's, radio and sell communication and even internet in the sense that we can relay info via Laptops to Control centers or ER's, get quick access to poison related chemicals and treatment recommended.Then with equipment advancement we can take equipment to the patient that was not available years ago. (For example, 3, 5, 10 & 12 lead ECG machines for quick Cardio evaluation and possible treatment) eg. Pasing of patients.We also have better and faster ways to administer fluids to shocked patients via IO (Intraosseous) ways besides the usual IV way, and better airway adjuncts to assist ventilation and Oxygen administration.We have better medications and drugs to start treatment in the field and not wait for treatment to start at the hospital.Not all equipment is just for medical personnel to use but AED (Automated External Defibrillators) can be used by anyone trained to do so increasing Heart Arrest patients survival.Hope it helped a bit.Good luck.References :
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