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Anas06:33:12 - January 18 2013
RE: RE: hill 55 or 37 (Gordon Ulrich) (Veruca)
"早前我遇到一個好例子 有基督徒朋友的父親過身 父親沒有信基督教 但父親生前表示希望死後行道教儀式 最終朋友還是照父親意願 "I believe this tenlcicalhy depends on how your church interprets the Bible.In the Bible, there was a similar question raised. There was a person asked Jesus, "if you were in a temple of the Romans (those Roman God temples), and is offered food as part of a worship, what should people do with the food."Jesus answered, "it is one's beliefs, not food, that causes sin. All food does is you eat it and goes into your stomach and comes out of your body. However, be very careful if you do eat it, since you might have the wisdom to understand what you are doing, but your brothers and sisters might not, and your action may cause them to sin."So pretty much in the Bible there is no real rejection in scenarios of dealing with "ceremonies" or "festivals" or "gatherings" of other religions (though it is not recommended and not encouraged). However, depending on the church you go to, they might treat it differently.For instance, the catholic church that my mom goes to does not hold any objection to this sort of matter. While some protestant churches I've been to would openly object these behavior (and sometimes may use very nasty languages, like 'those are devil's celebration' or something along that line).So at the end of the day, I would just stick to the Bible: "It's fine, but not recommended. Just be careful you don't communicate the false idea to other believers"P.S. I am not really a believer, just someone who read and studied the Bible a bit.
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