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Uswatun16:44:55 - June 13 2012
RE: RE: RE: call me (dallas holder) (Jodie) (Priscila)
While New Years is the perfect time to get drsseed up and go out to a grown up party, we celebrate at home by making some hors d'oeuvres, playing video games or watching movies (sometimes both!) and then tuning in to watch the ball drop at midnight. For our son, we say Happy New Year! around 10 pm and put him to bed. He's only 4 1/2 so that's plenty late. We can tune in to a time shifting channel and watch them celebrate east of here! Since we are now, for the most part, a non-alcoholic family, gone are the days of cocktails and martinis. This year we will celebrate with mocktails and egg nog. Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year! Please don't drink and drive.
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