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Lene09:05:56 - January 18 2013
RE: call me (dallas holder)
This product is pure sicliimpty at its best, and toothbrush holders should have been designed like this a long time ago! Easy to install and no maintenance required, versatile, and easy to use. Toothbrush just snaps into place and sits there until needed, when it pulls easily back out. This is much better than fumbling with brush cases or fixed holes on cup holders. The clips are flexible and durable and automatically clip on and off the toothbrush. Though it is not designed to suspend the weight of a battery powered brush, it does suspend standard toothbrushes very well. It could also be used to secure razors in the shower and such. And with it being made in the USA, the purchase supports our fellow citizens. At such an affordable price, you can't go wrong! Every bathroom should have one or two of these! Everyone with teeth to brush could use one of these! Buy one for everyone you know because it is a unique, inexpensive, practical gift they will appreciate for a long time to come!
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