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Wira16:40:48 - May 4 2012
RE: RE: Easter CAC L-5 (steve lama) (Tuller)
PUMPED! You better beilvee it! I Love Our Cedar Lake Campus!! Reggie, your sermon Sunday was AWESOME! All our pastors who serve are AWESOME! I'm involved in The Cedar Lake FAMILY MARKET. We have an awesome ministry and our volunteers are MORE THAM AWESOME! We just added 2 more! When I went to see if we had any donations in our barrel Boy was I PUMPED! I go each Sunday to check it out. Many Sundays (empty)! BUT this Sunday (IT WAS FULL)! Dear Friends KEEP ME PUMPED by donating food to those who are not in a situation as you are! Think of all those who are jobless, medical expenses, homeless. single Moms & Dads and the list goes on & on! Now to all who are reading this: GET UP OFF OF YOUR SEAT AND GET PUMPED! THANK YOU JESUS!
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