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Alex10:47:56 - February 22 2012
RE: cac L-5 (Steve Lama)
Kirk,I sruoppt .So I'm with you there.=====What you say may be so. The unit may have been ill disciplined. The officers poor.OTOH the government's case is falling apart. If the evidence I reported turns out to be true then there is no case for murder.On top of that this whole investigation was driven by enemy propaganda. So you ought to give that some consideration.==I'm Navy myself. Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club '66. RO DLGN-25.Semper Fi.And just to set the record straight. The Marines have never gotten the credit they deserve for John Paul Jones' victory over the Serapis. Sharp shhoting from the rigging on one ship to moving targets on another ship with black powder guns and reloading them in the rigging gets my highest admiration.The Marines today carry on in that tradition (barring a few bad apples).Again.Semper Fi.
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