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Portia06:16:15 - November 30 2012
RE: RE: Walter 'Skip' Grineski (Amanda) (dallas holder)
Do you have an understanding of the basic periciplns of cooking, baking or grilling? If not, enroll in a 6-week class offered at a Community College or sometimes specialty cookware stores offer small classes now and then. Watch the cooking shows of Food Network TV and then look up the recipe at their website and make it yourself. Get yourself one of those "5 Ingredients Or Less" cookbooks and master the recipes that appeal to you. Then you can advance to more complicated recipes, but many of those 5 ingredient recipes are excellent. They tell you only what you need to know and don't complicate things by all the other mumbo jumbo. Often the very simple recipes are surprisingly tasty. Nothing wrong with spices and adding extra flavor I'm only saying that a lot of the extra fluff isn't that necessary. Unless you have an acquaintance who is willing to take you under his/her wing, then trial 'n error is the only way you'll build your repertoire of tasty recipes. Only you know what really appeals to your taste buds. Eat out at an upscale restaurant occasionally to discover what a particular dish is suppose to taste like. If you have to cook anyway, then why not make one of your (3) meals the highlight of the day? I sure do. Even tho I live alone, I eat better than a lot of people cause I know how to make food taste goooooood!!
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