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John J. Freeman17:22:30 - January 24 2007
WANNABE in your midst - LARRY E.
A Google Search showed the following link to a page on your site:

Please be advised that the author, SgtMaj LARRY E. GUGLE is NOT a retired SgtMaj -- he is a phony, liar, and wannabe who wears medals for valor and wounds. Problem is, he never served in combat EVER. The FBI is hot on his butt for wearing the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart (2) and campaign medals and citations for two wars that he never participated in.

Removing the annotated page (link above) would do all of us true veterans a great service.

Want to know more about this phony LARRY E. GUGLE ?.... go to
and scroll down to GUGLE, LARRY E.

I launched an investigation to obtain his official records while the Membership Chairman of the 1/9 Network, Inc. and submitted the results proving Gugle to be a fraud to our current Membership Chairman. Collectively, we have been successful in getting LARRY E. GUGLE's name removed from the MOPH roles, the Marine Corps League, the VFW and many other military organizations that this guy fraudulently obtained memberships in.

The 7th Marines is also a very proud organization, and I am sure that you do not want the likes of a wannabe on your website.

SEMPER FI .... is forever
1/9 1965-1966
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