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Jessica01:58:42 - March 21 2012
RE: USS Pickaway APA222 Have pictures of ship and troups (George Hemphill)
#Michelle // October 26, 2009 at 1:05 amJacqlyn Smith -if you and your husband can aforfd it, please see a marriage counselor. You know you have trust issues I would feel the same way, your husband probably does too. Are you saying some of his ex-wife’s children are not his and he didn’t know it? and the child from a one night stand wants to have a relationship with him, is he sure this child is his? If you can and you two are happy in your marriage don’t let anyone else mess it up. Michelle .It's like this ..He was married for 4 years to a Bi$#h before we met and she has two boys by two different husbands .they did not have children together but now one of her sons has come back in his life and I expressed my discomfort in getting involved with him the other issue is that when our daughter was just 2 months old he was served papers from the state of Texas claiming he was the father of a boy in Texas ..turns out he is was a waitress he had a one night stand with and she didn't claim a father until she went on welfare after her husband at that time divorced her .I'm sure they did a paternity test on others as well but my husband turned out to be the father ..the woman and my mother-in-law carried on a relationship all these years against my wishes but I told my husband as long as he didn't get involved with her or the kid I would let it go ..well .two months ago the kid and he started communicating and I am upset that he kept this secret from me and I don't think it is appropriate to be communicating with the kid when we already paid big time in child support ..I look at it as a sperm donor and nothing more ..he is looking at it as he has his blood ..that doesn't make you a father!!! Do you understand where I am coming from .it is a complicated situation .but as I told him .his part of the responsibility is done he paid his debt and that should be the end of it .if the kid needs counseling or a father it is not my husbands responsibility~
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