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Joseph A. Burke, MAJ, USAR RET, Army Sniper22:53:31 - March 23 2010
To all of you, I think of Tom as my big
In the early 90's, Tom and I were close, Him as mentor, Me as pupil. I am Army. And Mustanged in the Army which is outlawed now. I was as enlisted, an Army Sniper. Became an Army Officer. Met Tom around the time the Army made me an (O-3) (CPT) I've not e-mailed or spoken to him in over 10 (ten) years. I still think of him as my big brother. If any of you could contact him, I'd appreciate it. And as a test of me, I was at his wedding, {Gettysburg, PA.} to Janet (Moosette). All Marines there, excepting me, in Blues (I was in Army Blues). Think John (not sure of spelling) Hougerough was his best man.
In any case, if you have contact with Tom, Forward this note, I am an honorary member of the first Scout Sniper Association, Army, think my number was #2 (honorary).
With honors, and my respect, Semper Fi. Joe
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