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George Schneider12:37:45 - March 20 2012
OUR "GRAND GATHERING OF DELTA 1/7 VIETNAM MARINE GRUNTS" -2012 REUNION; will be held in SAN DIEGO, CA., on SEPTEMBER 20-23. This reunion is for all Marines and Corpsmen that belong to or attached to: DELTA 1/7 VIETNAM 1965-1970 MARINES. On Friday Sept. 21st, we will spend the day at USMCRD-SAN DIEGO, attend a Marine Graduation Ceremony and eat chow in the Mess Hall for lunch. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE. Try your best to be together with us again for our Grand Gathering of D-1/7 Grunts. All information about this reunion will be posted on this website in the "WHAT'S NEW" section very soon. SEMPER FI.
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