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Gary Bain01:03:02 - August 17 2014
Sgt. Major Ynacay
R.I.P. Sgt. Major; You were my gunny in Nam for a short while, but you made a great impression. Our reunion 1/7 in 2012 was a great time for renewing our acquaintance, I enjoyed every minute of it. I will miss you! The second picture is of Gunnery Sgt. Ynacay on Hill 65, 1969.

Sleep noble soldier sleep for the tomb is now thy bed, cold upon its bosom thou dost rest in silence with the dead.

Sgt. Maj Bob Ynacay (aka Dad) passed away on Sunday. He is now with the love of his life (aka mom). It was sudden and fast. Dad's friend and Bridget (granddaughter) were with him when he had a heart attack.
As you know, dad was an amazing man. Mom and him were born before TV, VCR and man walking on the moon. As I go through their things, I'm amazed by both of their accomplishments and what they must have experienced.

I know that dad is happy. He had a good life, but really wanted to be with mom. His job is done.
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