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Jay23:43:42 - November 30 2012
RE: RE: RE: School in Dai Loc (Steve Scott) (bob witt) (Tom)
When I saw SL for the first time I fell in love. I always wnated locs, but I was turned off buy the limited styles that I could have with them. When I finally got them, I was in my glory until I started having issues with my own locs and my consultant. I too had the pleasure of meeting some women with SL at a meet up. There was a snobbish aroma in the air. One being the mediator of lockItUp yahoo group. It was so much Bull shit going on at lockItUp, I closed my membership and decided to make you-tube vids for women who wnated SisterLock like locs. People call me the SL rebel.As I see it, anyone should have the opportunity to have any size locs they want without being forced to spend outrages amounts of money for them. Trust me, It is time consuming to place the locs in ones head, but not for $600 that I paid for 2" of hair.I love traditional locs, but I wnated a little versatility and I do enjoy working out and shampooing my hair without worrying about re-twisting.I combine a lot of my locs. Thay are still small, but not as small as traditional SL.At the end of the day, SL is another method to obtain dreadlocks and a vehicle to help permed women to transition into the natural world. They are no special than any other method of locs. In my opinion the cult like behavior behind the name is a disgrace and further hinders the sisterhood between black women.
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