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Kawany11:10:30 - November 30 2012
RE: RE: RE: School in Dai Loc (Steve Scott) (bob witt) (Joni)
A very interesting indsie look at the future of journalism. The fact is the reason we are here is because print and broadcast journalists knew the internet was on its way, but they dismissed it as a fad or perhaps something that would never threaten them. How wrong they were. The internet, and now social media/communication took off and was wildly succesful. The media companies had to scramble to play catch up so most of them just threw up their articles on a rather ordinary looking site, free of charge. I'd have to agree with Mr Rosenthal, one thing is for certain, the age of big media is coming to an end, in ten or twenty years the media outlets in the US won't look anything like they do today. Now is the time for creation, re-invention. It is imperative that these media companies figure out new strategies that are in accordance with where the market and the public are taking this new media movement, or they'll be left behind known only in history books to our future generations.Now that the advertisers are going by the wayside (an adverse effect of our current recession) fewer people are watching and reading, which means fewer companies are advertising (since their ads won't be seen by as many) and there you have a vicious cycle.
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